Vicalsa was founded in 1973 as a service company in the field of ship repair.
Since then, it has undergone continuous technical and technological improvement that has helped broaden its range of services to naval transformation, design, vessel construction and the manufacturing of onboard and auxiliary equipment.

Vicalsa leads a group of companies that complement it, providing it with a speed and response capacity which is difficult to achieve by its competitors.


A company with more than 25 years of experience in providing integral solutions to its clients in all stages of the production cycle through the processes of design, plate transformation, and assembly. To do so, they have an engineering team and the most modern technology in laser cutting, folding, panelling, drawing, punching, turning, and robotic welding. Comevisa is committed to technological innovation in order to offer quality, accuracy and reliability in meeting the delivery terms agreed with its clients.


A shipyard located in the Vigo estuary specialized in the construction, transformation and repair of Super-Yachts of steel and aluminum up to 70 meters in length.


A shipyard located in New Zealand specialized in the construction of new vessels and robust covers for boats. They also work on refurbishing and repair of Super-Yachts.


A company with more than 25 years performing a serious and professional service to provide the industrial and naval sector with quality valves and components ensuring stock and immediate delivery terms.