The demand for additive manufacturing in the industry is growing significantly in recent years. Having our own production centre for both metal and plastic, with machines of different technologies, allows us to offer our clients a complete service depending on the manufacturing needs. We have a manufacturing department in continuous development, which allows Lupeon to grow in terms of capabilities, in order to improve quality, competitiveness in price and volume of manufacture. We work on two lines:

On-demand orders: : Manufacture of parts either from a finished CAD or ideas requiring a design/development for their manufacture. This service allows the client to manufacture their solutions or to find in us a design and manufacturing team. This type of work is offered when the client is looking for the manufacture of a particular part or is working on the prototype of an idea. We focus on doing things the right way the first time, so approximately 80% of our prototypes become functional parts.
In addition, we have an internal parts referencing system, which allows the client to manufacture them again in the future, achieving savings in management costs and a considerable reduction in delivery times.

Mass production: Many of our clients request the referencing/serialisation of parts for their manufacture in a specific volume. Taking advantage of the capabilities of additive manufacturing, as well as cost savings for volumes where a mould or machining would be greater, Lupeon offers the possibility of manufacturing quality parts in a truly tight Time to Market.
In addition, we work the stocking in our dependencies of parts for maintenance, with a view to improving the management of spare part warehouses.

Standard solutions:

After several years of developing solutions by the hand of our clients, Lupeon has a series of standardised solutions for the industry that allow us to offer a quality product at a competitive price. These standard solutions have been designed by our design and innovation team, based on the collection of problems that could not be solved through conventional manufacturing at an affordable cost.

The solutions we have are designed for each of the industries we work with and their most common standards, but they can be adapted for a specific use. This service allows Lupeon to bring innovative solutions to the clients, working hand in hand with the continuous improvement teams in the industry to improve production processes.

Turnkey projects:

As a manufacturing engineering company, Lupeon has a team of professionals who bring innovative solutions to current projects within the industry. The tasks performed in these turnkey projects range from complete end-to-end project management to the collaboration on any part of the project.

The possibility of providing solutions based on additive manufacturing in addition to having companies dedicated to conventional manufacturing in the Vicalsa Group, allows our company to generate a value proposition in which additive manufacturing does not necessarily have the most relevant role within the process.

We also provide support for the implementation of additive manufacturing equipment at our clients’ headquarters.

The turnkey projects in which we work the most have to do with continuous improvement, quality processes and increased productivity of robotic grippers, obtaining very positive feedback from our clients.