The Quality Policy of LUPEON, a company dedicated to additive manufacturing, both in plastic and metallic materials, to the development of its own solutions focused on the needs of the Industry, both in unit and mass production, and to turnkey engineering projects, based on the capabilities of additive manufacturing, is closely linked to its financial, social and service policy. This policy aims to achieve the highest possible client satisfaction, achieving their loyalty in time and thus making them the best commercial representatives of the company.

This policy has as its main objectives:

  • Make our brand identity more understandable in the offer, product and service.
  • Ensure that the company’s values are present throughout the whole organization.
  • Transmit our identity in our communication and contact with clients.
  • The satisfaction of the clients, offering, to that end,, the maximum quality of its services.
  • Ensure compliance with the requirements established in the purchase orders and in the applicable codes and regulations.
  • Maintain as a priority the safety and quality criteria in decision-making regarding new investments, products and processes.
  • Prevent the appearance of problems and the use of defective materials, components, products, documents and services, within a continuous improvement process.
  • Seek and implement corrective actions for each of the problems that arise in the company, whether they are complaints or non-conformities.
  • To establish continuous training programs, which will allow us to have highly qualified staff that provides a better service to our clients and works safely.
  • To involve, motivate and engage staff in the management, development and implementation of the Quality System, always instilling a culture of prevention.
  • To constantly stay in contact with clients and suppliers, in order to work together to improve the quality of its services.
  • Provide the means and resources necessary to achieve the objectives set regarding quality and safety at work.