LU_Touch® is a tool for opening and closing doors and windows, and at the same time push buttons and switches, which aims to minimize the possibility of contagion due to indirect contacts in our daily activity, preventing hands from acting as a vector of contaminants or germs.

LU_Touch® has an ergonomic design to be used with safety and comfort. It has a handle that separates the grip area from the contact area, and a hole to hold it with tape, elastic spiral, etc.

Its design has been published openly, under a Creative Commons license, so that any user of a 3D printer could print it. In addition, it is available for those who do not have a 3D printer can purchase it directly.


In parallel, we have developed LU_Touch®+, the ideal complement for opening doors in high-traffic places or for those cases where it is not possible (or not comfortable) to open doors by hand, allowing doors to be opened and closed easily and ergonomically using the elbow or forearm.

LU_Touch®+ is designed to become a high-value equipment for all types of buildings and facilities with common spaces or large crowds, helping to prevent infection by indirect contacts by installing a device on those doors with the highest traffic or increased risk.

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