We have integrated the needs of our customers to create a new generation of grippers with travel through the market. LU_GRIPPERS is characterized by its versatility and adaptability to the production process, the capacity of diverse grips, the lightness in relation to the load capacity and its ease of assembly and programming.

  • Compatibility with UR robots and with any robot model that complies with ISO 9409-1-50-4-M6.
  • Multiple grip possibilities in its GVC series (Gripper Vaccum) and in the GPN series (Gripper Parallel).
  • Tailor-made fingers produced by additive manufacturing.
  • Easy integration thanks to its design for plug & play mounting on UR robots.
  • Process consulting to guide our clients in the best solution to their needs.

GPN series

The GPN grippers series is characterized by the integration of all the mechanisms of a parallel gripper with high performance pneumatic actuators within its compact design.

The possibility of adjusting your fingers to make an internal or external grip of the object to be manipulated. As a complement to the mixed grip, this series of grippers offers different opening races, from 20mm to 80mm.

Combining the different grippers sizes and the possibility of manufacturing fingers made to measure, you get a great versatility that allows to standardize processes without losing possibilities of personalizing grippers for each application.

GVC series

The use of additive manufacturing as a production process brings us an infinite number of possibilities in the design of this grippers series. The topological optimization used allows the achievement of high mechanical performance with a low weight, and the rounded shapes and organic design of this series allows the collaboration with the operator fulfilling the necessary guarantees.

In addition, this series incorporates the pneumatic distribution to the suction cups in the design of the gripper itself. Note the robustness of the pneumatic circuit and the reduction of maintenance, thanks to the absence of pipes and connections between suction cups.

This series has the S01 model, a compact solution that integrates all the needs within the design for a simple assembly, and the D01 model, with a chassis with integrated flange and the generation of vacuum outside the gripper, which makes it possible to manipulate heavier objects.

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