We have integrated all needs of our clients to create a new generation of robotic grippers. The LU_GRIPPERS family is characterized by its versatility and adaptability to the productive process, the capability of diverse gripping types, the lightness of the gripper in relation to the load capacity and the ease of assembly and programming.

  • Compatible with the mounting flange of any robot arm that uses this ISO 9409-1-50-4-M6, adopted by the most manufacturers.
  • Wide range of gripping types that make them versatile both in the GVC Series (Gripper Vaccum) and in the GPN Y GPE Series (Gripper Paralell).
  • Taylor-made fingers produced with flexible materials by diverse additive manufacturing technologies that can be quickly interchanged.
  • Easy integration thanks to their plug & play design.
  • Application consulting in order to help our clients in adopting best solutions for their needs.


The GPN gripper series consists of three pneumatically operated parallel grip models. Their compact design allows all components of a parallel gripper to be integrated in a reduced space, betting on lightness and rounded shapes. The LU_GRIPPERS GPN series allows to adjust your fingers to make an internal or external grip on the object to be manipulated, offering different opening strokes from 20mm to 80mm. Combining different grippers sizes and the possibility of manufacturing tailor-made fingers, make this series a safe value for all those customers who are looking for standardization without missing the possibility to customize the gripper for each application.


The GPE gripper series consists of three electrically driven parallel grip models. The body of the gripper is less than 90mm high, which allows these grippers to be especially suitable for working in environments with reduced accessibility.

The GPE series of LU_GRIPPERS can be configured to perform an internal or external grip on the object to manipulate. This gripper allows to control the force of the fingers. Optionally, a module can be added to reduce the nominal clamping force. This option is very useful in applications where delicate objects are handled.

No additional connection is required for the installation of the gripper, just attach it to the robot and plug in the electrical connector. Both the power supply and the input and output signals for the gripper control are transmitted through this connector.


The use of additive manufacturing as a production process brings us closer to an infinite number of possibilities in the design of this series of grippers. The topological optimization used makes it possible to achieve high mechanical performance with reduced weight, and the rounded shapes and organic design of this series allows collaboration with the operator while complying with the necessary guarantees.

Moreover, this series incorporates the pneumatic distribution towards the suction cups in the design of the gripper itself. The robustness of the pneumatic circuit and the reduction of maintenance, thanks to the absence of tubes and connections between suction cups, should be highlighted.

This series has the S01 model, a compact solution that integrates all the needs within the design for a simple assembly, and the D01 model, with a chassis with integrated flange and the vacuum generation outside the gripper, which allows the handling of heavier objects.


The Custom series is distinguished by providing solutions to complex automation processes that cannot be solved by standard grippers. Lupeon’s engineering team puts all its experience at the disposal of the robotization project, from the design of the gripping solution to the selection of the electronic or pneumatic components.

The closeness to our component suppliers allows us to provide agile and innovative solutions. In addition, the synergies created between our customers and the engineering team allow us to automate processes that were unthinkable until now.


The LU_Twister is the ideal complement to the LU_Grippers. It has been developed and patented by the Lupeon team to offer a universal solution for turning components in production lines.

It is a universal solution, able to adapt to the object to be turned, compact, reducing the turning path to optimize space, and plug and play. Finally, it has been patented under the registration ES1230425, and its operation can be seen in this video.

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