We develop light robotic grippers

Relying on the freedom of design that allows us additive manufacturing. To that end, we rely on the freedom of design that additive manufacturing allows. In this way, we manufacture grippers which are capable of handling parts with complex surface geometries. In addition, we incorporate all our knowledge about design oriented towards additive manufacture to facilitate the grippers Plug&Play and to create internal duct systems that reduce the malfunctions due to air leaks.

We work together with our clients and their robotic cell integrators from the beginning of project planning right to the execution of the project. In this way, the end clients sometimes achieves greater savings than usual due to the increased productivity derived from having a lighter grippers , given that with our lighter grippers the robot can be smaller, resulting in a much lower cost.

We also help our clients re-design their existing grippers to make them lighter making the most of the advantages of additive manufacturing when it comes to performing new functions.

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