Fast series of metal and plastic parts

Rapid series manufacturing allows the industry to develop products quickly without having to rely on large-scale consumption.

The revolution that is taking place at an industrial level forces companies to continually adapt to changes, generating new solutions for both external and internal clients. For this reason, it is necessary for additive manufacturing to allow for the development of new products, and, in some cases, products that might have been stopped at the manufacturing stage due to complexity, high cost and the time involved in obtaining a small volume of production using conventional methods.

For this reason, Lupeon has made an important investment to open an internal manufacturing line for metallic materials, seeking to offer its clients the possibility of prototyping, referencing and manufacturing series of parts that, for reasons of cost, time or complexity, cannot be manufactured using conventional methods.

We want our clients to understand the value of our offer, so a prior study of the part is carried out in order to analyse whether additive manufacturing is the most economically viable option.