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Our engineering team is specialized in providing innovative solutions based on our knowledge and own additive manufacturing capabilities.

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As an expert company in Industrial 3D Printing focused on the industry, we have been a reference during the last years, working with a wide portfolio of important companies to which we have helped in the continuous improvement of their supply chains and the manufacture of final products.

Light robotic grippers

Less weight, greater savings The current trend towards automation of most production processes requires an evolution of manipulation means in order to adapt them to these processes. Faced with the…

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Reverse engineering

Reverse engineering allows additive manufacturing to generate solutions from real models There are many situations in which the industry demands the manufacture of a solution on the basis of a…

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Fast series of metal and plastic parts

Rapid series manufacturing allows the industry to develop products quickly without having to rely on large-scale consumption. The revolution that is taking place at an industrial level forces companies to…

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Bumper manufacturing

The full-scale model was realized in FDM technology and ABS material of the front bumper of a commercial vehicle. The prototype was subjected to a post-processing of paint simulating its…

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